All About the Honors College

All About the Honors College

Quinn Arzt, Staff Reporter

The Honors College of Fairmont State University is an assemblage of rigorous courses in most fields of study. Full of high-achieving academics of all majors and interests, this program pushes students to go above and beyond to reach their goals and establish themselves in the public sphere as leaders and visionaries. As the college’s mission statement says, “The Honors Program seeks to enhance and deepen the education of bright students by increasing their analytic skills, providing them with classroom experiences that encourage them to take charge of their education, helping them to undertake international travel, and supporting them on the path to wisdom. The Program encourages higher rates of retention and graduation as well as acceptance into graduate and professional schools.” The Fairmont State University Honors College is a positive and supportive program to excel in one’s academic career and form bonds with other motivated, high-achieving students. These bonds can last long after one has left the campus. 

The requirements to apply for the Honors College are very simple. First-Time Freshmen who have earned an ACT Composite score of 26+ and/or an SAT score of 1180+ are eligible to apply. Transfer students with 24+ credit hours of post-high school graduation classes with a GPA of 3.4 or higher are also applicable to apply. Those who do not meet these requirements are encouraged to contact the Honors College if they are interested in participating in the program, as provisional acceptance is possible. Honors College members must maintain a 3.4 GPA throughout their time here at Fairmont State. To graduate with honors, one must complete the 25-30 credit hours of the Honors Program Curriculum. Some benefits Honor students enjoy include: priority registration, exclusive class sections, the Mentorship program, and more. Courses marked as “Honors” are typically smaller and more intellectually stimulating. These classes are ideal for people who learn quickly and focus on academics. For those who are current students at Fairmont State University and wish to join, the Honors Advisors are always willing to work on a case-by-case basis for motivated students to see if they can integrate and whether they can complete the required credits within their remaining semesters.

In addition to the Honors College on campus, a student group is affiliated with the program. The Honors Association is a large collection of motivated Honors students who work hard to promote academic success and to form a community to support others throughout their college journey. The club is led by three active and involved students: Ally Quigley, Molly Simpson, and Abby Peterman. General meetings for the Honors Association are typically held on the second Tuesday of each month at 12:30 pm, with lunch provided. Other notable events hosted by the organization include Lobby Talks, Trivia Nights, the Quiz Bowl, Community service projects, and a selection of additional fun programs.

Fairmont State University’s Honors College is an amazing program for self-motivated undergraduate students to explore and learn acceleratedly, perfect for building close connections with other Honors students and setting oneself on the right path to success. The Honors Office is located at 231 Turley, open Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 10 am-3 pm, Tuesday: 8 am-4 pm, and Thursday: 8 am-3 pm. To contact the Honors Program, email [email protected]