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How to Survive Finals Week


It’s almost that time of the semester once again. Now, I know I’m personally struggling with quite a lot this spring semester, and it’s fair to say most students are too. Luckily there are tons of resources to help ease the burden of finals week and the hectic mess leading up to it.

First, if you are struggling with turning in assignments, talk to your professor! I cannot stress enough about how important it is to communicate with your professors. I’m not saying that an extension on an assignment is guaranteed, but it’s good for them to know if you need some extra help and where you stand in the class.

Studying for an exam should be done with plenty of time, which means no cramming! Finding a friend to study with could help tremendously, especially if you are both in the same class or major. Don’t forget to utilize the LEAD Center if you need help studying or tutoring, too. Having a person to study with will hold you accountable and make sure you stay on the right track.

Self-care is just as important as ever during these last few weeks. With as much studying as there is to be done, try to find some time for yourself. Maybe this is reading a book for fun, or maybe this is taking a hot shower. It doesn’t have to be some grand gesture if you don’t have the time. Self care can be sitting outside on the quad and enjoying the nice weather with a friend or two. Just make sure you take a moment for yourself and avoid burn-out.

Avoiding burn-out is critical for these last few weeks of the semester. It is critical to attend every class, despite the ever-growing urge to skip. At the very least, show up to a class and take notes. Try your best to participate but at the very least show up. Skipping classes, especially

this far into the semester, doesn’t benefit anyone. You could be missing crucial information or instruction from professors about finals and exams.

When it comes to actual finals week, remember to not skip out on decent sleep and food. It’s hard to ace your finals if you are fighting off sleep or starving. All hours in the dorms are quiet hours during finals week, which is a great thing. Sleep is very important and being well-rested is just one more step to passing your exams.

Finals week is fast approaching, but there’s ample time to prepare. If you’re stressed for finals, studying should absolutely start sooner, rather than later. Grab a friend and see if they can help out, or vice versa. Finals week isn’t something to be devastated about, so long as you’re prepared and willing to put in the work to get a good outcome. Reach out to your professors to schedule an appointment if there’s something you need help with or assignments that need attention. Always remember to do your best, and good luck!

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Grayson Sekercak, Staff Reporter
Grayson Sekercak is a sophomore majoring in creative writing. He plays saxophone in the marching band and enjoys music. Grayson wants to use his degree to go into editing and publishing and become a successful author.
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