The First Craft Night of the Semester

The first craft night of the semester was held on January 19th, 2022 in the Falcon Center conference rooms and the students were able to make mason jar lights. The students that attended were supplied with mason jars, glitter, Mod Podge, glitter glue, and fairy lights. Student life also had cookies and drinks available for us. About 25 people came to the event and most of us there were able to make two jars each.

I also attended the craft night and was among the students that were able to make two jars. For my first jar, I used glitter glue to paint the inside of the jar where the fruit are and used silver glitter glue for the rest of the jar. After it was dry, at home, I went around the whole inside of the jar with white paint so that the glitter would stand out more. To my surprise, the layer of glitter glue caused the white paint to crack when drying, which gave it a beautiful crackle look, which you can see in the photos below.

For my second jar, I used Mod Podge and loose glitter. I went for an ombré effect and painted on the Mod Podge in rings and added the glitter. Starting at the bottom, I used blue glitter, then purple glitter, then some mulberry purple glitter, and finally I used pink glitter.

After the insides of my jars dried completely, I hot glued the fairy light packs to the inside of the lid. I think that the glitter fairy jars turned out very cute and look amazing at night when turned on.

On the Student Life Calendar there are many different types of events hosted by Student Life, including a Rock Painting night. To go to any of these events you can click on them and register using your school email. Registration is required for most, if not all events.

Hannah McNemar
Hannah McNemar