Crafting and Cocoa 

Abby Peterman, Staff Reporter

On November 2nd, Student Life hosted another fun event called Crafting and Cocoa at 7:00 pm. It took place in the Falcon Center’s third-floor conference rooms. Participants were greeted in the hallway by a table of cookies and a thermos full of hot chocolate. It was a great turnout! Every table was full and extra chairs had to be placed around some of the tables. 

In the back of the rooms, students could choose from a large selection of paint, markers, and paint pens of all colors. Everyone received one wooden ornament to paint. In addition to the ornaments, Student Life provided small cardstock leaves of various colors so people could write what they were thankful for on them. They told all the students who attended that they would collect these leaves and then make a garland to hang up along Main Street in the Falcon Center. 

There were so many different creative designs that people painted and drew on their ornaments. Some people painted cartoons such as the Grinch or the narwhal from the movie Elf, while others painted abstract designs. There were also some ornaments with solid color backgrounds with the painter’s name as the main design. It was a fun evening for students to take their minds off of homework and have time to be creative. 

Molly Simpson, a student at Fairmont State, attended this event and said, “I thought it was a nice seasonal event: it’s important for college students to associate fun activities like the Crafting and Cocoa event with college, rather than equating college with just homework and deadlines. I had a great time!”