SGA Pushes Ahead

Alex Mullins, Staff Reporter

SGA lent a helping hand to two organizations. Treasurer Becky Luketic informed the assembly that two fundraising requests had been made. The American Institute of Technology asked for $400 to help with their trip to Canada and Sigma Amiga Beta asked for the same amount of money for their organization’s alumni gathering.

Treasurer Luketic also notified the assembly that the deadline for fundraiser requests was November 6th.

After discussing fundraising, SGA spoke of having a Toys for Children event around the holidays. With this, it was announced that more information about the plans would be available at the next meeting.

As for the Charleston, WV competition, the BB&T Christmas tree lighting applications opened on Friday, November 1 and will also be available on December 3. Transportation to the Charleston, WV award ceremony will be provided for the winning organization on December 10. After Christmas the organization will return to Charleston, WV to aid the clean-up.