Breaking News: SGA President Tyler Keller

Alex Mullins, Staff Reporter

Breaking News: SGA President Tyler Keller arrested for strangulation accusation and out on bond.

Statements from Keller and Bradley used in this story have been taken directly from the police report, since both men have declined repeated requests for comment.

At 1:30 a.m. on Friday, October 4, 2019, SGA President Tyler Keller was arrested by Fairmont City Police outside an Upland Drive residence. Officers were responding to an assault/battery call.

According to the police report, the accuser was identified as SGA’s Vice President Dillon Bradley. Bradley told police that Keller had become violent after accusing Bradley of stealing his cell phone.

During the incident, Bradley reported bludgeoning Keller on the side of the head with a wine bottle as a mode of defense. In the roadway outside the residence, Bradley identified Keller as being the individual that choked him. Before law enforcement’s arrival, Keller had sustained visible marks of injury.

In addition, the police report details how officers spoke with the Bradley and Keller around the Hillcrest Road and Upland Drive area of Fairmont, WV. To gather the specifics of the incident, Officer Cochran addressed Keller while Officer Tracy spoke with Bradley. Bradley stated that Keller started an argument that led to the physical altercation of Keller being “kicked out” of the residence. After being “kicked out”, Keller broke a glass window in the door that left shards of glass on the kitchen floor.

According to Officer Tracy’s report, Tracy asked Keller to provide a timeline of the night’s events, Keller stated that he began the night studying for the next morning’s midterm test. Keller also stated that on that same night he began drinking multiple beers at his apartment in University Terrace and at the “Rambling Root”. Although Keller’s report of the night’s events suggest he was intoxicated during the incident, no standard tests of intoxication were listed.

In the police report, Keller expressed that the altercation began because Bradley had hidden his cell phone due to Keller not being interested in dating Bradley. It also stated that both Bradley and Keller claimed that they were “best friends” and were not in a domestic relationship. Bradley claimed not to have seen the cell phone in the police report. 

Bradley was not required to seek medical attention to document his hearing loss and possible concussion. Keller needed multiple staples to repair the wound on his head and was required by law to accept that medical attention.

Keller was arrested and arraigned on a $100,000 bond at North Central Regional Jail, but as of October 7, 2019, Keller was released on bail. Bradley did not wish to press charges.

After being released on bail, Keller addressed his arrest at the weekly SGA meeting on October 17, 2019. According to Keller, “The police report was false, and the matter has been settled legally.”Despite repeated requests for more statements, neither Keller nor Bradley responded. Keller acknowledged that he may face Fairmont State University consequences for his involvement in the incident.

Correction: This article was amended to clarify that the events and statements from Bradley and Keller were taken from the police report.