What Is the Campus Carry Bill and Why Is It a Key Factor in Your College Life?


Tamira Singleton, Staff Reporter

The West Virginia Legislature is in regular session at the beginning of January of each year and lasts for sixty days. Why is it essential to know the schedule for the state’s convention of legislation? Because this year there are many major bills that are going to impact you and your daily lives if they get fully passed. From prohibiting all gender-affirming care (HB-2007), prohibiting direct or symbolic endorsement of abortion (HB-2976), and the one that is the most critiqued, the permitting of concealed carry on campuses (SB-10).

SB-10, also known as the Campus Self-Defense Act, is a Senate Bill that will legalize the carrying of concealed firearms on university campuses with few exceptions. Now the bill will allow each institution to create its stance and regulations. This is important because the state legislature is pushing to pass these bills. On top of this bill, others are being introduced to support and assist SB-10, such as the initiation of SB-104 and HB-2421. The bill passed the Senate with a vote of 29 to 4, now headed to the house.

Some colleges in West Virginia have made and released a statement on the passing of this bill, including both West Virginia University and Marshall University. Both universities have delivered a joint letter opposing SB-10, referred to as the Campus Self-Defense Act. Fairmont State University has yet to release a statement regarding the progression of this bill. Out of 136 schools in the region.

 Fairmont State University ranks #88, about 15-47 ranks better than West Virginia University. Also, about 7-16 ranks better in top public schools ranking, with FSU at #42 and WVU at #49-58. With FSU having such good numbers and ranking position, the school sought to commit to “educating global citizen leaders in an environment distinguished […] to excellence, student success, and transformational impact.” (Fairmont State University

The idea of having firearms on campus, from the parking garages to classrooms and dormitories, is something that everyone can have an opinion on, whether you are for or against this bill. You are at the university to learn and invest in your future, so your opinion matters. Fairmont State University and its administration have stayed quiet for too long and need to weigh in on the matter and take a stance. Do not let them silence your voice. 

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