West Virginia State Police Superintendent Resigns in Light of Agency Misconduct Allegations  


Superintendent Jan Cahill has offered his resignation in the wake of a litany of accusations surrounding the West Virginia State Police. 

According to Governor Jim Justice, he and Cahill had a conversation about the superintendent’s future in the driveway of the governor’s residence in Charleston. “The first thing I told Jan was: Jan, there is no pathway here. There is no pathway, that absolutely you can remain the Colonel of the State Police in the state of West Virginia,stated Governor Justice. 

  Cahill’s departure from the agency follows a letter detailing several claims of wrongdoing that have occurred within the ranks of the West Virginia State Police. The letter was sent to various delegates and state senators, the Attorney General’s Office, the Governor’s Office, and the West Virginia Office of Special Investigations.  

The letter contains many startling accusations stating that some members of the state police engaged in potentially illegal activities, such as installing a surveillance camera in the Women’s locker room at the State Police Academy, overtime theft by agency employees, and sexual assault.  

The document states that when the hard drive that contained footage of multiple women changing attire was discovered, the State Police failed to preserve the evidence. It was ordered to be destroyed without investigating its contents or origin.  

Governor Justice has appointed Jack Chambers as the interim Superintendent of the West Virginia State Police. Chambers has most recently served as the Deputy Director of the state’s Capitol Police.  

During the announcement, Justice voiced his support and confidence in Chambers, stating, “We are filling this interim position with absolutely a superstar that has credibility and credentials a mile long.” Justice also indicated the allegations are a top priority for the new superintendent, saying, “There are many areas of allegations. Jack Chambers will absolutely address those allegations. But, I want to say just this, the very biggest allegation, that won’t be tolerated in any way is that we have violated, on our state police level, women’s rights. Wouldn’t you think, that a women’s locker room ought to be a safe place?”  

The agency also is grappling with the actions of a state trooper accused of stealing money while visiting a casino. Justice summarizes the surveillance video from the casino, saying, “At the casino, there was a man playing one of the video machines. There was a state trooper close by. The man got up and an envelope that he had fell out into the seat and I think he went on to the restroom. There’s no way to look at this other than just this – the trooper picked it up and took the money. Basically, any way you cut it, that money was stolen.” 

Justice stated he is requesting Chambers relaunch an investigation into potential impropriety by the state trooper at the casino.  

A press release from the Governor’s Office states that the West Virginia State Police previously employed Chambers before serving with the Capitol Police. He retired with 26 years of service.  

The report also states that an investigation into the State Police by the West Virginia Department of Homeland Security is currently ongoing.