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Freshman 101: Preparing for Breaks and Home Visits

Freshman 101: Preparing for Breaks and Home Visits

Going home for a visit is often exciting, especially this time of the year. The holiday season is in full swing, everyone is planning their Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations or home visits, and preparations for finals have not yet been started. However, before you leave to see your family and friends, remember to triple check your luggage and room, you might be forgetting something! Here is a list of five important things for students to remember before leaving for an extended period of time, like fall break, winter break, or home visits.

1) Remember your keys and ID card

It may feel obvious, but do not forget to take your room keys and student ID card home with you! Being locked out of your room when you come back would be a nasty surprise. Avoid doing so by keeping your keys and ID with your wallet, car keys, and/or phone; something you will 100% not forget to bring with you.

2) Remember your chargers

Your electronics need their chargers, especially if you plan to use them. After all, getting some work done on that paper you have due when you get back is hard if your computer’s dead. Charge up your devices before leaving and safely pack your chargers (the cable and the wall port if necessary!) in your bags.

3) Clean your bathroom

It does not have to be perfect, but a quick wipe down of the toilet and some Pine-Sol can work wonders for keeping the bathroom fresh until your return. Leaving any kind of mess in the bathroom for an extended period of time, despite being just gross, can also start to smell terrible and attract bugs. Making sure the bathroom is clean and well-stocked before leaving also eliminates the work you would need to do upon your return, as no one wants to clean the bathroom after a long trip.

4) Take out the trash (and clean the fridge!)

Like the bathroom, leaving a mess in your room will also begin to smell and invite bugs. Before leaving, do a sweep of your room. Collect all the food waste, take-out boxes, anything with food on it and throw it away. Clear your fridge of any open containers and/or food that will root before you return. Taking out the trash before leaving helps ensure you will not return to your trashcan swarming with flies and your fridge stinking up your room.

5) Make sure your door is locked

Once you are packed up and ready to go, make sure you pull your door shut all the way. Listen for the click of the lock, then try to open it without your key to make sure no one else can get in while you are away. This will ease travel anxiety, as you will know your room is safe and secure.

Always remember to check the “Residence Hall Closing” flyers hung up in the hallways for instructions related to holiday breaks, as you may be asked to do certain things to prepare your room. These may include setting your air conditioner to 60 degrees or checking out with a Resident Assistant, or anything the building’s administration asks of you. Hope your break is fulfilling and restful, your family and friends are happy, and your holidays are festive!

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Quinn Arzt
Quinn Arzt, Staff Reporter
Quinn Arzt is a 20-year-old Junior here at Fairmont State University. She is pursuing an Architecture degree while also working toward her History and Political Science minors. Quinn's favorite season is Autumn, and her favorite book is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Quinn is a Residential Assistance (RA) here on campus, and also involved in multiple other organizations like the Honors Association, Fairmont State Catholic Student Union, Falcons with PRIDE, Falcons for Disability Advocacy, and more.
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