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The Student News Site of Fairmont State University

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Freshman Year 101: What’s In There?


Despite Fairmont State University’s small size, the buildings on campus can seem overwhelming to navigate, and it can be even more stressful to find your classroom. Here’s a quick list of what each building on campus contains. 

  1. Bryant Place 
    Bryant Place is one of five residence halls on campus, with single, double, and quad rooms. With communal kitchens, floor lounges, two laundry rooms, and semi-private bathrooms, this residence hall is popular with both upper and underclassmen.
  2. Morrow Hall 
    Morrow Hall is one of five residence halls on campus, with a traditional dormitory layout. As the oldest residence hall on campus, Morrow is well-loved by both the campus and the wider community. The hall boasts a fully outfitted kitchen, a pool table, and a comfortable common room, making the hall most popular with underclassmen.
  3. Prichard Hall 
    Prichard Hall is one of five residence halls on campus, with a traditional dormitory layout. The hall features the Honors academic live and learn community. Prichard Hall has a community kitchen and laundry room for students to use, making it popular for both upper and underclassmen. Pence Hall will be closed for the 2024-2025 academic year for renovations. 
  4. Pence Hall 
    Pence Hall is one of five residence halls on campus, with a traditional dormitory layout. Pence is notable for also hosting campus police and the police academy. Pence has been closed to general residence since the coronavirus began, and the 2024-2025 academic year marks the first opportunity for students to apply to live there. 
  5. University Terrace 
    University Terrace is one of five residence halls on campus, with three designer buildings (North, West, and East) and fully furnished apartments available for student occupation. Popular with upperclassmen and athletes, this residence hall promotes semi-independent living and personal development. 
  6. Colebank Hall
    Colebank Hall is the nursing center connected to the Falcon Center and across from the Turley Center. Inside there is the Nursing Simulation Center along with offices, classrooms, and a small gym that was once the main gymnasium but now serves as a gathering space for events and presentations. 
  7. Education Building 
    The Education Building is the home of the School of Education and several nursing classes. Comprising of mostly classrooms, this building boasts its connection to the wider community with its programs connecting education students with children of locals, allowing the students to apply their knowledge in an active setting. 
  8. Engineering Tech Building  
    The Engineering Technology Building is one of the two STEM buildings here at Fairmont State University. There are four floors of engineering, mathematics, architecture, graphic design, and other physical STEM fields. Inside includes office sections, several computer labs, a collection of laboratories, and classrooms. 
  9. Erickson Alumni Center 
    The Erickson Alumni Center is an event venue geared toward encouraging alumni to stay connected and retaining student participation after graduation. This location is comprised of offices, display cases, conference rooms, and lounges. 
  10. Falcon Center 
    The Falcon Center is the central hub of activity on campus, hosting events and encouraging student participation at least once a week. With multiple conference rooms, a Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, cafeteria, vending machines, convenience store, school store, and health services, it can be difficult to remember that the Falcon Center is also an exercise center, containing a pool and hot tub, sauna, two gymnasiums, a training room, exercise classrooms, a track, and a open plan work out room. 
  11. Feaster Center 
    The Feaster Center is the athletic building on the hill next to the football field. Inside boasts a basketball arena, competition pool, video room, locker rooms and the athletic training suite as well as offices. 
  12. Frank and Jane Gabor WV Folklife Center 
    The Folklife Center is the culture museum on campus. The Center provides both the university and the wider community of Fairmont through research publications, informational workshops and exhibitions, and outreach events.
  13. Hardway Hall 
    Hardway Hall is the humanities and administration building. This building is packed with offices, student conversation spaces, conference rooms, and classrooms. 
  14. Hunt Haught Hall 
    Hunt Haught Hall is one of two STEM buildings. The hall houses the FSU College of Science and Technology’s Biology, Chemistry, and Geoscience Departments while also including a functioning green house, classrooms and labs. 
  15. Jaynes Hall 
    Jaynes Hall is the Languages, Literature and Business building. This hall is home to the Business school, both graduate and undergraduate programs, and the College of Liberal Arts’ Department of Language and Literature. The Writing Center and a state-of-the-art LearnLab are also available in this building. 
  16. Newman Center 
    The Newman Center is the Catholic Student building just across the street from Bryant Place. The building boasts a student lounge, chapel, and kitchen area for all students, not just Christians. 
  17. One Room Schoolhouse 
    The One Room Schoolhouse is a museum located at the bottom of the hill from Hardway Hall. This tiny museum preserves and honors Fairmont State’s earliest origins as a private teacher-training school. 
  18. Physical Plant Building 
    The Physical Plant Building is not typically accessible to students. The people who work here strive to maintain and improve facilities, grounds, and immediate environment, as well as receive all mail shipped to Fairmont State before delivering it to the other buildings, including the residence halls. 
  19. Ruth Ann Musick Library 
    The Ruth Ann Musick Library is the library located next to the Education Building and across from Engineering Technology. Hosting a Starbucks, a game lab, computer labs, data banks, multimedia rooms, and archives along with the massive collection of books, this building is the study center of Fairmont State University. 
  20. Shaw House 
    The Shaw House is home to the president of Fairmont State University.  
  21. Turley Student Services Center 
    The Turley Center is the student service and office building. Offices include financial aid, housing, advising, counseling, disability services and career development. The Honors office, international student services, and the retention office are also located here, along with a multitude of conference and meeting rooms. 
  22. Wallman Hall 
    Wallman Hall is the art and performance building. The hall boasts clusters of classrooms and faculty offices, a box office, music studios, the woodshop, the Fairmont State Theater, the Tower Room Gallery and the James Brooks Memorial Gallery.  
  23. Wesley Foundation 
    The Wesley Foundation is home to the nonprofit branch of United Methodist campus ministry. While off campus, this building hosts many Christian events in their center open to all students. 

With this abbreviated synopsis of the buildings on campus, I hope that navigation around the college will be easier than ever before. 

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Quinn Arzt is a 20-year-old Junior here at Fairmont State University. She is pursuing an Architecture degree while also working toward her History and Political Science minors. Quinn's favorite season is Autumn, and her favorite book is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Quinn is a Residential Assistance (RA) here on campus, and also involved in multiple other organizations like the Honors Association, Fairmont State Catholic Student Union, Falcons with PRIDE, Falcons for Disability Advocacy, and more.
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