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Self-Care Practices for Dorm Living


Self-care is important for many reasons. It can reduce stress, give a healthier mindset, and even reduce the chance of illness. For the longest time my favorite form of self-care was popping in a bath bomb and listening to a calm playlist. Of course, I can’t really do that here in the dorms, so it’s key to adapt to my surroundings.

The definition, according to the Oxford dictionary, is: “The practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.” Self-care comes in many forms and encompasses many things. While the residents’ halls may not be as relaxing as home might be, there are still countless ways to practice self-care.

A way that I practice self-care in my dorm is by using an oil diffuser. The different essential oils supposedly help in different ways, such as lavender is calming. The diffuser is good for aromatherapy and can soothe and relax.

Another item I use is my coffee maker. Coffee is a great way to relax, especially when it’s chilly outside. Drinking coffee in the morning gives me a much needed boost throughout the day. I’ve always found coffee relaxing, and I consider it great self-care.

Weighted blankets and stuffed animals, I’ve found, help my anxiety. I’m not sure the science behind the weighted blanket, but something about it is comforting. Having that weight on my chest makes me feel secure. When I’m feeling anxious sometimes, I will pull a weighted blanket over myself and do breathing exercises to regulate my heart rate.

Self-care isn’t always about using products, though. Anything that one does to better their health can be considered self-care. A good example of this would be staying hydrated.

Getting yourself a good water bottle can improve hydration. Staying hydrated will improve mental and physical well-being.

Exercise is also self-care, and not a hard thing to do on this campus. Exercising is as easy as taking a walk around the beautiful campus and getting some fresh air. Taking a walk can be a good way to clear the mind. I like to pop in my earbuds and walk around campus sometimes when I need a moment alone.

Self-care can be a treat after a particularly pressing day. While it’s not always possible to make your favorite meal in the dorm, having your favorite snacks stocked up can be just as rewarding. A visit to Starbucks after a rough lecture or lab can be rewarding too. Students can choose from a wide variety of treats at the Nickel. Who doesn’t want a little treat every now and then?

Self-care is a broad subject, and each person has their own methods to how they go about it. I was devastated to find out that candles aren’t allowed in the residence halls, candles were such a big part of my self-care. From this I’ve learned to adapt to my space in dorm. Oil diffusers, weighted blankets, and staying hydrated have helped shape my self-care routine in my residence hall.

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Grayson Sekercak, Staff Reporter
Grayson Sekercak is a sophomore majoring in creative writing. He plays saxophone in the marching band and enjoys music. Grayson wants to use his degree to go into editing and publishing and become a successful author.
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