Student Spotlight: Grant Elliot

Makayla Schindler, Staff Reporter

This week’s Student Spotlight is a first-time senior who is majoring in Secondary Math Education. His name is Grant Elliot, and he was recently crowned Homecoming King for the Fall semester of 2021. Grant graduated from North Marion High School in Farmington, West Virginia in 2018, before becoming a Fairmont State Falcon. He is a member of the Math Club, Tau Kappa Epsilon, and an Alpha Sigma Tau sweetheart. Our student spotlight this week also has a bubbly personality and is very humorous. 

      Just like any other student, Grant has a favorite class and professor that has made an impact on him during his time at FSU (Fairmont State University). But in this case, he gave two different classes and professors when asked which was his favorite, “Tough Question, Communications with Illene Evans because her assignments were entertaining, and her energy is unmatched, or any class with Dr. Noone because he is a great teacher and has a great way of communicating with students.” It is important that students make these connections with teachers and their classes because it helps fuel students’ motivation to keep going. It can also make it easier to reach out to a professor if a student is struggling or needs help. 

      While attending Fairmont State, Grant has made a big accomplishment that not a lot of students can say they have done. Over the past four years, he has maintained his PROMISE Scholarship. “Never would have thought that was possible but hey, look at me,” he said. We want to take a quick moment to congratulate him on this wonderful achievement, because while it is possible, it is a difficult thing to do, so props to him! 

      Grant says, “There is nothing better than being a Falcon. FSU is a community and has some of the greatest people in the state on our campus,” when talking about why he chose Fairmont State out of the other nearby colleges. His time in Fairmont has influenced an amazing plan after graduation. “My plan is to hopefully win the lottery right after graduation, but if that doesn’t work then I will just continue to be a local teacher.” I hope that he reaches both goals, and if so, I expect a little compensation for writing this article before he wins the lottery! 

       So how does it really feel to be chosen as The Column’s Student Spotlight you may ask? Well, this is what Grant had to say, “This is the greatest day of my life. My emotions are through the roof right now because this is what I will remember the most from college. I feel like Ricky Bobby at Talladega. Thank you so much for this. I am really honored.” We want to thank Grant for accepting the opportunity of being our Student Spotlight this week and want him to never forget, especially when he hits the lottery, to make sure he signs all the babies.