Valentine’s Stuffed Animal Giveaway

Makayla Schindler, Staff Reporter

On February 10th, 2022, the Department of Student Activities hosted a stuffed animal giveaway for Valentine’s Day in the Falcon Center. They have been doing this event for a few years because of how much students love it. When talking to the lady who was in charge of the table, she said “I feel like it is one of the one’s we have the most participation in, and it helps spread awareness to the events going on around campus – and also for Valentine’s Day.” They hosted Card Making on Valentine’s Day, which was the 14th, in the same location. The above picture is a group of students with their stuffed animals in the Falcon Center.  

The stuffed animal giveaway was set up at a table next to a bake sale. There were many different types of animals like cats, dogs, bears, pigs, etc. They also had a bunch of little white t-shirts for the animals to choose from, and they said things like BFF, XOXO, CUTIE, etc. Once students chose their animal and shirt, the two Student Activities’ workers would hand out bags of stuffing to stuff the animals with. I personally think a free stuffed animal giveaway was nice for many reasons, but there is one that makes me the happiest. Students got to pick an animal and shirt to possibly give to a friend, family member, significant other, or just about anybody. I like this because they get to stuff them themselves, like they’re making the stuffed animal with love for whoever they love. This may be the very reason that this is a recurring event every year. 

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