Paint and Dip

Hannah McNemar, Staff Reporter

Fairmont State University offers great study break activities to students on campus throughout the semester, including paint nights. On Tuesday, February 1st, 2022 they held a “Paint and Dip” from 5pm to 7pm in the conference room in the Falcon Center on the third floor. 

The student who attended the paint party were provided with a canvas, water, paint, and snacks. The snacks in question included chips, buffalo chicken dip, nacho cheese, cookies, and drinks.  

There was an instructor who showed us how to paint the evenings subject in a step by step manner in the front of the room. The painting this time was a snowy mountain in front of a colorful sky with some snowy trees to top it off. Throughout the room, there were reference paintings for us to look at as well. The painting was fairly easy to do, but if anyone had trouble the instructor would come around and help fix a mistake or guide you in the right direction.  

It was a very fun night, they played music and we all got to take home a colorful art piece to display. It is always nice to see all the different paintings at the very end of the night, because even though everyone is following the same instructions, every painting is still different and unique in their own way.  

When asked, Fairmont State student and paint night attendee, Marlee Hoffman, said “I went to the paint night with my partner and we had a great time. We always enjoy these events and I’m looking forward to going to more events in the future”.  

To find out when the next student life event is you can go to the student life calendar on the Fairmont State website.