The Honors Halloween Trivia Event 

On Tuesday, October 26th, Fairmont State’s Honors Program held an Honors Halloween Trivia Event. The event was hosted by Charley Hively, the Coordinator of Reference and Instructional Services of Fairmont State’s Library. Hively shared that he loves to help with Honors Events, and enjoys stepping in to help at them whenever he can. Hively was a great host for the trivia, keeping the event going smoothly while also sharing anecdotes about trivia whenever he could.  

The Honors Halloween Trivia Event was hosted in a Kahoot game, so both participants in-person and online could compete for the prize at the same time. The Kahoot was 64 questions total, giving participants plenty of opportunities to catch up to the lead if they missed a question or two.  

The Kahoot trivia covered a wide range of Halloween topics, with a particular focus on the film Hocus Pocus, which was a favorite Halloween film amongst the participants. The trivia covered other Halloween films as well, including both iconic horror franchises like Scream and more kid-friendly films like Halloweentown. While some struggled with the horror genre, they were able to gain some points on the other miscellaneous Halloween questions asked, such as “How many pounds of candy corn is made in a year?”. 

The winner of the trivia received a basket of Halloween goodies, which included festive items like a pumpkin spice candle and a skeleton key chain. Of course, the basket also came with lots of candy. The Honors Halloween Trivia Event was a great way to get into the Halloween spirit by having some competitive fun.