Student Employment 

Makayla Schindler, Staff Reporter

Being a broke college student can sometimes put a damper on things. Sometimes friends go out and do fun things, and others must stay in because they do not have the money to go. There is a possible solution to gaining money so that this problem will not continue happening. Although, there will always be a broke college student somewhere, there are too many of us! Fairmont State offers many employment positions for students on campus. Students could be limited to a certain number of hours a week, which will still allow them time for classes, homework, friends, and campus events. 

First, let’s talk about how there are two sources of funding for student employment. Federal College Work Study is a need-based program in which funds are awarded to students based on their eligibility derived from the FAFSA. If federal college work study is offered, employment should be accepted only if the student feels comfortable with the additional responsibility beyond class schedules. The Auxiliary is a non-need-based program. Within both programs, wage rates vary, earnings are not applied to tuition or other institutional charges, and job locations are varied and include almost every segment of the institution. 

There are currently thirteen positions open for student employment. Some in which are Federal Work Study only, and some that are not.  

Federal Work Study Positions:  

  • Flipside Afterschool Program: Must be available Monday-Friday 3:00-6:00 p.m. Must have transportation to one of the off-campus sites – (West Fairmont Middle, East Fairmont Middle, and Mannington Middle.) $10 Hourly Rate. 
  • Operations Coordinator Assistant – Athletics: Travel may be required, night and weekend shifts will be necessary, attendance is mandatory for all home games, and must have the ability to deal with the public. $8.75-$10 Hourly Rate. 
  • Office Assistant – FS Alumni Association: Must have ability to maintain confidentiality. $9 Hourly rate. 
  • Information Systems Technician: Must have ability to understand complex systems operations and follow instructions carefully and completely. Preference given to students who can work more than one semester. 15-20 hours per week, $10 Hourly Rate. 
  • Program Tutor – Rising Stars: Future teacher, coach, or lion tamer. Must be comfortable working with children, have transportation to the off-campus site, be available Monday-Friday 2:00-6:00pm. $10 Hourly Rate. 
  • Office Assistant: Strong communication and administrative skills. Must have organizational skills and proficiency in Microsoft Office. Ability to maintain confidentiality. $8.75 – $10 Hourly Rate. 
  • Mascot Handler: Need a flexible schedule and have the ability to balance work and school time. $8.75 Hourly Rate. 

Auxiliary Program Positions: 

  • Resident Assistant (RA): All RAs must be full time students, in good academic and student conduct standing, must be willing to attend mandatory RA interest session and two weeks of training in August. RAs must maintain a 2.50 cumulative GPA to be eligible for this position. Room, Board, and a Stipend are in place for Hourly Rate. 
  • Fitness Room Monitor: Prefer Exercise Science majors or fitness-oriented workers. $8.75 – $10 Hourly Rate. 
  • Front Desk – Customer Service: Must have organizational skills, be professional, friendly, and customer service oriented. Ability to handle monetary transactions and use computerized cash register. Demonstrate skills on conflict resolution and problem solving. Must be proficient in the speaking and understanding of the English language. $8.75 – $10 Hourly Rate. 
  • Residence Hall Monitor: Must possess strong verbal and communication skills along with the duty to protect the safety of other students. $8.75 – $10 Hourly Rate. 
  • Laborer: Depending upon the assigned duties, qualifications may include some or all the following: must have the ability to sweep, shovel and remove ice, lift 60 pounds, read and follow instructions, operate lawn equipment, conduct minor repairs, and work in extreme temperatures.$8.75 – $10 Hourly Rate range, dependent on position.  
  • Academic Year 2021-22 Rehire Pool: Students applying for rehire must continue to meet academic progress standards and be currently enrolled. 

The above positions have been listed with some, if not all, of the requirements for the position. If students are interested in any of these positions and would like to know the duties and responsibilities, or would like to apply, they can go to Career Opportunities, and click on the “View/Apply for Student Positions” box. The list with all positions will show and you can click on them individually to get more information, or even apply!