Craft Night: Terracotta Pot Painting 

Abby Peterman, Staff Reporter

The Student Life organization at Fairmont State University organizes events like craft and game nights. These events give students a chance to take a break from homework, to have fun, and relax in the evenings. On Tuesday, August 31st at 7:00 pm, students gathered in the Falcon Center conference rooms to paint terracotta pots. Craft nights are open to any students that want to attend as long as they register beforehand. 

Two rooms had tables and chairs set up with plates to hold paint, cups with water, paintbrushes, and paper towels. Tubes of paint were provided so students had a variety of colors to choose from. Unlike paint nights, where instructors give directions for a painting, students were free to paint whatever designs they wanted and could take as much time as they needed. There were also extra supplies so everyone was allowed to paint a second pot. People painted flowers, gradients, abstract designs, starry nights, and countless other unique designs. Once the paint dried, they put dirt in their pots and planted some seeds. 

Alex Mellott was one participant at craft night and said, “I thought it was a really awesome idea! It was super fun, and we got to be creative and make whatever we wanted. I liked it better than the normal paint nights (although those are fun too) because we got to paint our own ideas and make the pots our own.” 

Don’t miss future Student Life events! You can keep up with them by following their Instagram account @fairmontstatesa. If you find an event you would like to attend, you can register for them by visiting the student life calendar.