The Social Media Ambassador Program 

Emma Delk, Staff Reporter

Fairmont State’s University Relations and Marketing Team is beginning a Social Media Ambassador Program to highlight the many faces of the campus community. The program is picking an ambassador for each month of the Fall semester starting in September, with the pick for the month being revealed on Fairmont State’s official Instagram Tuesday, September 1st. There will also be ambassadors for the months of October and November.  Kaylyn Christopher, Digital Communications Specialist for University Relations and Marketing at Fairmont State, says they hope to continue to grow the initiative for future semesters to come if student body interest is there. 

When picking these ambassadors, Christopher says they looked for students who can represent the University to current students, prospective students, parents, alumni, and the community through their online presence. Creative students that have a knack for cultivating a social media presence who want to gain more experience in the field while also connecting with the student body at Fairmont State are the ideal fit for the position. The ambassadors will create posts on a wide array of topics, from promoting upcoming campus events to highlighting a student organization. Christopher describes, “A quality social media post also includes a visual element, and, when relevant, a call to action.” This call to action may be encouraging students to go to the volleyball game this week or attend a campus yoga session, whatever events that are happening on campus that the ambassador would like to highlight and support.  

What ambassador posts can also depend on how the student is involved with the campus. Whether it be their major or the extracurriculars they participate in, the student will base their posts on this. The ambassador’s involvement on campus will inform the type and quantity of content they create, as there is no set limit of posts that an ambassador has to reach.  

The main platforms that the ambassadors will post on are Instagram, with an emphasis on stories and reels on the platform, Snapchat, and Tiktok. Christopher hopes the ambassadors will eventually be able to expand their presence onto all platforms. She says about the presence that the ambassadors will create online, “A key part of the ambassadors’ responsibilities will be engagement – it is our goal for the ambassadors to be able to create an interactive experience for our followers.” 

The Social Media Ambassadors for Fairmont State will share their unique campus experiences, while also reaching out to their fellow Falcons to engage them in campus life, as well. From morning trips to Starbucks to Homecoming activities, the ambassadors will share all of the aspects that make up their student life, aspects that speak to the greater student body at Fairmont State, as well. Christopher also believes the program will get the greater community involved, as well. She says, “We want our ambassadors to not only engage with their fellow Falcons but also offer a glimpse of life at Fairmont State to those individuals who either want to learn more about the University or those who simply want to follow along with our journey – whether that be family members of students, the local community or alumni.” The Social Media Ambassadors Program will reach those inside and outside of the University to share the unique experiences of students at Fairmont State.