Apple Allows Podcast Creators to Sell Subscriptions

Logan Davis, Staff Reporter

Announced during their April 20th2021, event, Apple has said that they will now allow Podcast creators the ability to sell subscriptions to their listeners! If you have followed Apple’s history, you will know that they are the pioneers of Podcasts. But in a recent announcement, they are going to allow Podcast creators the ability to start selling subscriptions to their listeners while taking a cut of the sale for themselves.  

According to Apple, the new announcement will take effect next month, and will allow Podcast creators to set their own prices, starting at a minimum of 49 cents a month in the US. Another point is that Apple will not be forcing Podcast creators to create Apple-Exclusive Podcasts, but instead are asking them to make the difference between the stuff they can get from Apple be different from the things that they are already giving on other services. An example of this can mean that an Ad-Free version or an extended edit of the podcast can be had for a subscription. As an avid Podcast consumer, it makes sense if you ask me. 

Apple has also said that they will be keeping 30 percent of the subscription revenue that Podcast creators make in their first year on the platform. After one year, that 30 percent will then drop down to 15 percent. 

In the current pandemic landscape where many people are not able to work, or have been forced to work from home, many people are turning to online forms of entertainment, and some people have taken on some new hobbies like creating Podcasts. Allowing some of these new Podcast creators the ability to monetize their series, can be hit or miss. Some early podcasts are not as high-quality as they could be, but eventually may become worth the subscription. I am sure Apple is aware of this fact and will introduce some sort of quality assurance before a Podcast can be introduce, but we will have to wait and see what the result of this bold move to have Podcast listeners pay for their podcasts will be.