AppleCare+ Coverage Can Now Be Extended Indefinitely for Macs (with limits) 

Logan Davis, Staff Reporter

In a surprising change from Apple, they have made some changes to their AppleCare warranty service for their Macs! Usually, all newly purchased Macs come with a one-year support warranty that you have the option to extend to three years with the purchase of AppleCare Plus (AppleCare+) which adds on additional coverage for accidents that result in physical damage to the device. But in a recent change, Apple is now giving Mac customers the option to chose if they want to keep their AppleCare+ plan going for periods longer than the 3-year limit. 

Originally discovered by MacRumors, there is a new support page on Apple’s website that confirms that customers in the United States can concert their AppleCare+ warranty into an indefinite annual subscription-based service once the original coverage they purchased has expired. But there are a few catches to this as we will cover later. 

One of the catches of this change is that according to Apple, a customer must purchase the recurring annual coverage “within 30 days of the end date of the original coverage.” Once the customer has moved to the annual subscription service, it will renew itself automatically. 

Another catch to this change is that the service will only cover up to two incidents of accidental damage per year. And each incident will require a $99 deductible for a damaged display or external damage such as dents or chips in the chassis, but more severe damage such as water damage will have a much higher deductible of $299. Regardless, this makes it far better and cheaper for a customer instead of paying an out-of-warranty fee to have your device repaired, or just buying a new device all together. 

Finally, the last catch to this change is that this service will only last if Apple has the parts to repair your Mac. Apple will continue to support repairs for your Mac so long as they have the parts for it and according to their terms and conditions, after a 60-day notice, they will automatically cancel your plan if it no longer has the needed parts for your Mac.