NFL Jersey Rule change  

Nate Sudberry, Staff Reporter

The National Football League (NFL) has passed a rule to let players change jersey numbers. In the pastmost positions on the football field weren’t allowed to wear single-digit jersey numbers. The only positions allowed to wear them were kickers, punters, and quarterbacks. The biggest change in the rule is allowing skill position players like wide receivers, running backs, defensive backs, and linebackers to wear numbers 1-49.  

This new rule has given the NFL a different type of hype that was well needed. Players have been all over social media excited about the chance to change numbers. Many NFL players today wore a single-digit number or a very different number than what they wear today than during college. When they ended up going to the NFL they had to change it. In college, the number restrictions are not as strict, so many were very happy that the NFL decided to loosen up. For many players, their number is part of them and part of their identity. NFL players like Odell Beckham, Jalen Ramsey, and Tyrann Mathieu have been cropped into their single-digit numbers from college on social media. NFL fans are very excited to see if they decide to switch to another number.  

However, the NFL is possibly going to make each player who decides to change their number buy out the inventory from their previous jersey number. This means they will have to pay for all of their previous jerseys that have been made and not sold yet. NFL players such as Stefon Diggs have come out and said that they won’t be changing their jersey numbers out of loyalty to the fans. All NFL fans should keep an eye out for their favorite players to see what they might be changing to on Sundays.