The Coronavirus Effect on College Athletes  

Nate Sudberry, Staff Reporter

The Coronavirus has been something that has affected multiple countries and many families have been affected by tragedies. Not just deaths, but financial setbacks have hurt countless families during this pandemic. College athletes have been affected heavily by Covid19. There have been seasons lost and canceled halfway through, positive tests, and multiple quarantines for some student-athletes.  

As this path has not been easy for anyone in the country student-athletes continue to show that there is some struggle to come back to their sport after testing positive for covid. Being stuck in quarantine for at least 10-14 days in a dorm, apartment, or wherever it may be can be hard on a student-athlete. A sudden stoppage in your daily routines to be isolated away from everyone and away from your family for many is not normal. Mentally it is not the easiest to just get over but it is hard physically as well. As Covid19 can take lives away just like that it is important to stay grateful for being alive. Some athletes may have complications and others might not. One that has been common is athletes are getting winded very fast from doing normal daily movements. 

This is something that is not normal for every athlete as they have probably been training for more than half of their life. Being fatigued and winded is something that athletes, doctors, and training staff’s across the country have had to watch for when a student-athlete is returning after recovering from covid. With that being said it is important for young adults like college students to be careful and do not take the virus as a joke as it may not kill all of those who are young it can still have its own effects that nobody wants to deal with.