Celebration of Earth Day 

Cade Moisey , Staff Reporter

Throughout the month of April, Fairmont State University has offered various programs that were focused on creating environmental awareness amongst students and around the campus. This includes the creation of the new Falcon Park and Trail. 

For those who don’t know the Falcon Park and Trail is the class of 2021’s “Walk with a Falcon Senior campaign. It is the result of the efforts of the Student Government Association, the Fairmont State Foundation, the Outdoor Recreation Program and the Community Design Assistance Center Architecture Program.  

With the celebration of Earth Day, we have listed three ways universities are attempting to decrease students carbon footprint and help keep our campus clean.  

Water Refill Stations  

Campuses around the country, including Fairmont State, have adapted to a new style of water fountains. The water fountains now have a refillable station to help eliminate plastic bottle waste and keep you hydrated.  

Reducing Food Waste  

Many colleges and universities have started food waste and composting programs. Many schools also got rid of trays to encourage students to only get food that fits on their plates. Others provide reusable food containers so students can take leftovers back to their dorms and return the containers. Others have created composting programs that take leftovers and turn them into soil that can be used on campus or sold in the local community. 

Better Modes of Transportation  

Colleges and universities, especially those with large campuses, have also been working to cut down on drive-alone rates by encouraging students to use public transportation and shuttle services, and by implementing carsharing programs and other initiatives, such as bikeshare programs, that cut down on car use emissions. 

Now more than ever it is important for universities to recognize the position they hold in the global warming and climate change fight. Universities in the United States house too many students nationally to be held un-accounted. We are all in the fight to save the world!