S.A.A.M Clothesline and Chalk the Walk Project 

Makayla Schindler, Staff Reporter

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Here at Fairmont State, Student Life is holding events all throughout this month to spread awareness for Sexual Assault. The most recent event was April 6th, which was the Clothesline and Chalk the Walk Project. This event was held by the Umbrella Coalition in front of the Falcon Center from 11am – 2pm. During this time, students wrote encouraging messages on a walkway leading up to the Falcon Center in support of Sexual Assault survivors. Along with the walkway, students who wanted to participate were given shirts and markers to draw/write anything in support of the survivors, some being survivors themselves. Once the shirts were done, they were hanged on a clothesline in front of the Falcon Center’s main entrance. 

As a sexual assault victim, myself, I find the awareness on it important. I believe that the work they’re doing will help victims. Not everyone is able to come out and tell their story to the world, but it can help some victims feel safer to maybe just talk to one person about what happened… It took me years to be able to tell anyone what had happened to me. I’m glad that the school is doing the events that they’re doing. It’s helps show survivors that they are not alone, they don’t have to face it all by themselves, said a Fairmont State senior. 

When talking to Senior, Shaylena (Shay) Hess, she thinks that these events, and others like these, help show survivors of all ages that people do and will believe them when they come forward. There are people that do stand with them, people who they can go to, they aren’t alone. She also stated, “This month brings awareness to the issues this country/world has with sexual assault. I do believe more awareness needs shined on the fact that it’s not just women who are assaulted, but also men. I do however feel that it’s all-important work. 

I also talked to SeniorAnnalisa Hall, who participated in the Clothesline part of the event. She wrote a message of encouragement for the survivors to bring awareness to campus. Annalisa loves that campus is giving students opportunities to learn bystander techniquesand to show survivors that they have support. She believes this is a very important month because most of the time people don’t know if a student has been a part of a sexual assault and knowing that they have a community behind them makes them feel less alone. Annalisa ended with, It’s hard to say if these events will help because all survivors go through stages of getting over that experience. But to know that the campus community has their back makes them feel less alone. Reading those words really show that we, as a Falcon Family, will always have each otherbacks.” 

If you or somebody you know is struggling with Sexual Assault, please do not be afraid to reach out for help. You are not alone, this was not your fault, and people do care. Below are a few resources for anybody that may need them. 

 Campus Assault Peer Advocate (CAPA): Text or Call: (304) 612-6829 (Response within 12 Hours) 

Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741741 

United Hospital Center SANE Nurse (Rape Kits): (681) 342-1000 

HOPE – Rape Crisis & Domestic Violence Center: (304) 367-1100 

Campus Police: (304) 367-4157 

FSU Counseling Services(304) 333-3661 or [email protected]