Fairmont State’s Luke Martin is Relishing in His Accomplishment 

Cade Moisey , Staff Reporter

In just one short year after the wrestling program was reinstated at Fairmont State, the team now has their first individual National champion, Junior, Luke Martin. After being quoted various times claiming his feat “hasn’t quite sunk in yet,” I was able to get a hold of Luke and see what’s changed after being a National champion for a week.  

“I feel a little more relieved now that it’s starting to sink in. I think the event Fairmont state held for me really helped turn the accomplishment into fruition,”  

Martin is referring to the ceremony held for him outside the Feaster center on Tuesday. Both students and faculty gathered on the quad to help celebrate his incredible accomplishment. Martin was also accompanied by his teammates, many of whom hadn’t yet seen their teammate since accomplishing his massive feat.  

“Seeing my teammates, athletic administrators and President Martin all come together to help celebrate was honestly so surreal. The band was a nice touch too. It was so amazing to see all the support I was receiving on social media and through calls but something about seeing the Fairmont State family in person really made things feel real, it made it feel like I accomplished something for everyone,” Martin said.  

And the scariest thing? Martin still has 3 years of NCAA eligibility left on his clock. With this season’s results set in stone many people may be asking what’s next for Fairmont State’s 149 lb. Junior National Champion. 

“I’m taking this week off to let my body recover from the season and then it’s right back to it. I’m very well aware there will be a big target on my back next season, and I look forward to. I plan on continuing to do more of the same to stay on top, said Martin.   

At the conclusion of the interview, when asked if there was a message that he could share to his Fairmont State family and essentially any one of his supporters, Martin replied, “I would say thank you to everyone who has helped me get this far. I hope everyone is excited for the future”. 

The future will no doubt be filled with more accomplishments for Martin as he continues to put Fairmont State’s program on the right track.