Fairmont State University Annual SOAR Awards 

The SOAR Awards, established in 2018, are a great opportunity for future Fairmont State University students to receive scholarship money to put towards their education. First-time 2021-2022 freshmen are eligible to receive the award of $500 a year, with a potential total of $2,000, over the four years 

To take part in this great opportunity, students had to register for a virtual time slot through a link that was provided through the website and other forms of communication. During the SOAR Award sessions that lasted from 5:30-7:30 pm on each date that is listed below, students had the opportunity to meet President Dr. Mirta M. Martin, as well as other members of the Fairmont State faculty and staff. Students also had the chance to ask questions about their education, future career opportunities, and student life at Fairmont State. The sessions were held on the following dates: 

  • Tuesday, February 23 
  • Wednesday, February 24 
  • Monday, March 1 
  • Thursday, March 4 
  • Saturday, March 6 
  • Tuesday, March 9 
  • Wednesday, March 10 
  • Saturday, March 13 

When reflecting upon the Fairmont State event and its’ opportunities, Chris Sharps, Senior Director of Recruitment, stated “The SOAR Awards make Fairmont State stand out from other institutions in a few different ways. By providing the opportunity for students to meet faculty and Deans, they can begin to see themselves here at Fairmont State. Another way that SOAR differentiates Fairmont State is by incentivizing engagement to learn more. Our SOAR Scholarship Events provide another opportunity to learn more, ask questions, and take some of the mystery out of the enrollment process.” 

For any further information you can go to the SOAR Awards page on Fairmont State’s website.