What Students Can Expect from the New 2021 iMac! 

Logan Davis, Staff Reporter

Another week, another rumor! This week, some news and leaks have surfaced that Apple may be working on a new design for the 2021 iMac. What’s new you ask? Well, according to Mark Gurman, a writer for technology and marketing media source, Bloomberg, the 2021 iMac is stated to have much smaller bezels around the screen compared to the previous models we are all familiar with. We may have to be saying goodbye to the famous “chin” on the iMac, which has been around since the iMac G5 back in 2005. Gurman also says to expect the new iMac models to resemble the Pro Display XDR that Apple unveiled alongside the 2019 Mac Pro. It seems like the 2021 iMac quite literally got a facelift! 

Along with the facelift, it also seems that the 2021 iMac also has been taking a few trips to the gym as well. Previous rumors have also hinted that the new iMac might be taking a page out of the iPad Pro’s booklike the previously documented MacBook Pro will be with the elimination of the curved rear of the chassis. The new iMac is also stated to have the same squared-off edges as the iPad Pro and the previously rumored MacBook Pro. 

Ming-Chi Kuo, a market analyst for TF International Securities, is back with some more predictions regarding this new 2021 model of the iMac as well. He predicts that the iMac will come in two models: 24 inches and 21.5 inches. What’s interesting is that he later goes on to predict that the 24-inch model would be the same size, physically, as the current 21.5-inch iMac is, but will be able to house the larger display thanks to the previously mentioned slimmed-down bezels. 

While the iMac might be getting a bunch of changes on the outside, you might be wondering about its insides. Rumors have speculated that the new 2021 iMac will feature the next iteration of Apple’s custom silicon. This new version will be called the M1X and istated to be featuring a custom graphics processor as well. These new chips are stated to feature 16 power-cores for heavy tasks, like video or photo editing, and 4 efficiencycores for lighter and simple tasks such as browsing the web or writing a paper. However, Bloomberg also says to not get your hopes up this time for seeing the Face ID feature we were introduced to with the iPhone X in this version of the iMac due to some delays.  

Chances are likely that this new design will be revealed during the summer with Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), where they’re commonly known to unveil new hardware like an iMac or Mac Pro alongside their keynotes for the new updates to macOS, iOS, and the rest of the Apple Operating System Family. Only time will tell when that’ll be and if both models will release the same day. Other reports and leaks point to the 2021 iMac having to share the spotlight with the 2021 MacBook Pro in October.