College Bucket List   

Shaylena Hess , Staff Reporter

Brought to you by current Fairmont State Students and Recent Graduates. 

Doing youschoolwork and studying are important things to do in college, but there are other things that are just as important. I went around and asked upperclassmen and recent graduates what they believed students should do before they graduate. Some answers were related to school in general, and some are centered around Fairmont State specifically. Below is what these students came up with.  

“You should have made a friend who has stuck by your side, went to one of the on-campus events, and go to a concert.You should narrow down your options to what you strongly want, talk to your adviser for help, and find others in the field who may know what good choices to make.”  -Anthony Hardy, Senior
“I’d say get coffee from Joe N Throw, visit Palatine Park, and have a hot dog at Yann’s” -Macy Buck, Junior
“Attend class and try out Dairy Creme Corner!”  -Charis Boyer, Senior
1. Start looking forward to the future2. Say anything you need to the friends you are leaving behind3. Make as many memories with your friends as you can as those will be the ones you keep forever” -Blake Chaikcic, Junior
“Go to a fall concert definitelywhen they are actually happening, join a club, and go to the top floor of the library and nap. It’s a rite of passageDefinitely go to a football, basketball, or volleyball game!”  -Shawna Whiteman, Fall 2018 Graduate 
“Apply for graduation, have their audit completed and pass the remainder of their classes.Erin Hohl, Junior
“Join at least one group, try the college lunch, [and] do one of the free events” -Coco Campbell, Sophomore
“I’d say DJ’s Diner, Muriale’s, and Happy Garden. That is a little hole in the wall Chinese place, but their food is so good!”   -Latasha Martin, Spring 2020 Graduate 
“Paint the bell with a group. Have lunch near the fountain. Take a picture with the falcon.” -Camden Cutlip, Senior
1. Know who your true friends are. You may have many friends, but after you graduate, only a few will actually contact you.2. Don’t put off finding a job in your field; make sure you have a job set before you graduate. Unless you enjoy working retail or fast food.3. It’s okay to stay [at] home with your parents while you are job hunting or have a job. Save up that money until you think you’re ready to deal with hard finances.” -Annie Barnhart, Fall 2019 Graduate.
“Go to a football game.” -Caroline Pauley, Senior

There are so many more things you can add to your own College bucket list, but here is a good place to start.