Fitness and Wellness: Virtual Style

Ava Behr, Staff Reporter

The Fitness and Wellness team at the Falcon Center has been able to make the most out of the virtual opportunities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  They have developed the Virtual Wellness Program which offers an atmosphere where students who have similar goals can work towards these goals together, all while being safe.  The Virtual Wellness Program focuses on each student’s sleep tracking, water tracking, step tracking, food journaling, and exercise logging.  This program isn’t taking the place of personal training or group fitness classes.  It is just another outlet for students to participate in the fitness and wellness programs at Fairmont State University. 

The time commitment for the program may vary from student to student based on their preferences.  Throughout the given week, students can work at their own pace, depending on how much time they can dedicate to the program.  A representative from the Fitness and Wellness team checks in on the student during the week to make sure that they are doing okay with the given tasks.  The group of participants also meet once a week on Sunday evenings for a Microsoft TEAMS webinar that gives helpful tips for these aspiring students, such as how to create your own workout, or how to set goals.  Although the 10-week program has already started, students can still sign up whenever they would like and will not miss out on much even if they join late.  The registration information can be found in the biweekly Falcon Flyer, on flyers posted throughout the bulletin boards in the Falcon Center, or by getting in contact with Spencer Flanagan, the Fitness and Wellness Coordinator, at (304) 367-4705 or [email protected] 

The reward for the hard work that goes into the program is a participation-based prize system.  The more a student shows participation and growth, the more likely they are to win a prize. Some of the prizes that will be awarded to the students this year are a Fitbit, a yoga gift package, an Instant Pot, a Falcon Center duffle bag, and many more options.   

Spencer Flanagan stated, “We’re very blessed to be able to be on campus with our peers this semester, so take advantage of opportunities like working out at the Falcon Center gym, personal training, or the Virtual Wellness Program.  It’s also a great chance to socialize and learn more about fitness and wellness.”   

Photo Courtesy of the Falcon Flyer