Tour of the Library

Shaylena Hess, Staff Reporter

Have you ever been in the library and you weren’t sure where something was? You weren’t sure how to find something you were looking for? Wondered when the library was open or closed? Well, you could always try to figure it out on your own, ask a friend, or ask a librarian. If you can’t ask, here’s the basic rundown of the library for you from bottom to top, including the new library hours and new floor to floor guide of what you can find on each floor of the library.  

 Library Hours 

Monday – Thursday: 8am – 8pm 

Friday: 8am – 4pm 

Saturday: Closed 

Sunday: 12pm – 8pm 


The ground floor (first floor) of the library holds the smaller Starbucks on campus where you can grab a bag of chips, red bull, giant cookie, white chocolate hot chocolate, or a coffee. They may not have all the drinks that the Starbucks in the Falcon Center has, but when you’re on this side of campus or in the library for some study time, it’s your place to go.  

Starbucks Hours 

Monday – Thursday: 7am – 2pm 

Friday: 7am – 1pm 

Saturday & Sunday: Closed 


There are also holds multiple vending machines along the back wall and a computer area. This area is not technically considered to be a part of the library, but the librarians will still help you out if you need it. Due to the virus, the number of computers you can now use is less. Every other computer is marked with a sign stating that they are not to be used. Here you can also find the Fairmont State Tech Commons/IT Department where they can help you out with computer problems, network problems, Blackboard help, and more. Next to this is where you can find the Reference Help Desk. This is where you can get help from the librarians, whether with checking out books, the reserve collection, or miscellaneous help. If you were wondering what the reserve collection is, it contains class textbooks that you can check out to be used in the library for up to 3 hours at a time. This floor also includes: a digital sender, fax machine, courtesy telephone, mailbox, photocopy machine, a scanner, disability services equipment, 3 study rooms (that are currently closed), and your basic supplies like a stapler, tape, hole punch, paper cutter, rulers, scissors, markers, paper clips, etc. 

The second floor of the library features a large computer lab installed with internet access, MS Office, and course-related software. There is a Networked printer and photocopy machine here that connects with the computers on the floor. Because of the virus, you’ll find that less computers are accessible with signs on every other one stating that the workspace is closed. The Library’s homepage gives you access to more than 140 scholarly databases to help you with research.  You’ll also find the Tutoring Services here which now includes the writing center and the testing center.  Beside the tutoring center in the corner by the windows is a comfortable seating area and a large, popular DVD movie collection that separates seating from the tutoring center. Back by the elevator is where you will find the Librarians’ offices and the currently closed second floor study rooms.  

The third floor of the library holds the collections of books, print magazines, journals, newspapers, juvenile book collection, and young adult book collection. This floor is currently closed to students, but if you need something from that floor you can ask a librarian.  

To contact a Fairmont State University Librarian you can email [email protected], text 304-908-4289, call reference at 304-367-4121, call circulation at 304-367-4733, or fax the library at 304-367-4901. 

All information above can be found on the Fairmont State University Library Web-page at: