“Unsung Heroes” at FSU

In honor of Black History Month, the Black Student Union and the Art department collaborated on a project called, “Unsung Heroes.” The “Intro to Illustration” students created portraits of the following members of the Fairmont State University community: Brenda Strickland, Ilene Evans, Ja’Rhonda Staples and Antoinette Staples.

For those who don’t know, the Black Student Union is a student organization that assists in empowering the community. Although they often have events throughout the year, many events were held in February to celebrate Black History.

“The Black Student Union is a student-centered organization that provides educational, cultural, social and empowering events to promote positive racial relations on campus with mutual respect for all cultures” said Brennah Staunton, the President of the Black Student Union.

The Art students that contributed included LaBenne Madison, Isaac Roby, Kianna Wills, Joseph Mitchell, Hunter Davis, Jillian Collier, Megan McMillan, Dylan Allum, Ryan Richards and Caroline Chandler. They had to choose one of the four “Unsung Heroes” from the Fairmont State University staff and illustrate a portrait by February 10th.

“The project is in collaboration with the Art Department to create portrait illustrations of “Unsung Heroes” from our campus community that have made valuable efforts that get often overlooked” said Brennah Staunton.

When the portraits were finished, they presented to the staff that were chosen as subjects of the art. After the project reached completion, the Chair of the Art & Design department, Joel Dugan, said, “Thank you all for all your help and support. Great to find ways to work collaboratively across campus.”