The Bean Scene with Joseph Tran

Maris Meyer, Staff Reporter

Magician, Joseph Tran preformed at Fairmont State University’s monthly Bean Scene. For those that are not familiar with the Bean Scene, Tran is one of many hosts. Various acts have performed on campus such as a comedian, a poet, and a band. The next Bean Scene, the “Soul Vibe Bean Scene” has been scheduled for next month on Thursday, February 13th.

 To give the tricks and illusions an edge that captured the audiences’ attention, Tran combined inspirational speaking, magic and comedy in his performance. “I really enjoyed it! I liked that it was fun but also inspirational!” said Hannah Barker.

Throughout the show Tran asked several audience members to participate in various tricks. One of his card tricks involved four audience members. Each of the four audience members were to stand up and pull different cards that revealed Tran having pulled those same four cards before the start of the show.


Tran’s grand finale included swallowing small needles and practicing mind reading. The needles were miraculously pulled back out with a string and audience members had their minds read by adding their favorite celebrity name in a box only for Tran to have already written and sealed the name before the show. How could he know? It must be magic.