SGA debates Senior Campaign ideas

Alex Mullins, Staff Reporter

In the most recent SGA meeting, the members discussed this year’s Senior Campaign and fundraising. After Advisor Joel Dugan informed the assembly about the Senior Campaign efforts to bring relaxation to the Fairmont State University campus, the assembly discussed planning.

For this Senior Campaign, SGA debated having hammocks on the quad or gliders on the balcony of the Falcon Center. The gliders received the most votes, but some members were concerned that the balcony would conceal the gliders. Advisor Dugan noted the concerns for further consideration.

Secretary Raychel Fitzwater tended to Treasurer Becky Luketic’s report of ceasing the process of fundraiser requests until the spring semester.

For more information about the Senior Campaign and fundraising, attend the Thursday SGA meetings at 12:30 in Hardway Hall 128 or email [email protected] and [email protected].