“The Rambling Root”: Fairmont WV’s Gastropub

Laine Edelman, Staff Reporter

For those of you who are interested in visiting a new restaurant venue, Marion County’s “The Rambling Root” is ready for you.
The atmosphere is lively because it is modeled after a gastropub. A gastropub is a combination between a grill and a pub, specializing in American style cuisine and craft beer. If you and your friends want quality food, drinks and an opportunity to enjoy any upcoming game, celebration, or any other special date, stop by “The Rambling Root.” 
Upon entering the door, you will notice a porch with tables and a counter. If you prefer to eat outside, you can seat yourself at a table of your choosing, review the menu and give your final order to the staff member behind the counter. Inside, the building is cozy with tables and chairs that are surrounded by heavily decorated walls. Regardless of where customers choose to sit, they can expect friendly service.
As for the menu, the selection is small and inclusive of many different pallets. It features craft beers, beef and chicken courses, various salads and sides, gluten-free foods, child-friendly meals and daily specials of soups and desserts. The portion size is considerably large so come hungry and leave with leftovers! 

For more information about “The Rambling Root” visit https://www.theramblingroot.com/