President Martin’s “Lobby Talk”

Alex Mullins, Staff Reporter

On September 19, 2019, Fairmont State University’s President Mirta Martin hosted a “Lobby Talk” in Prichard Hall to address students’ comments and concerns.

President Martin was eager to converse with the individuals who attended the event about various opportunities offered by Fairmont State University and her expectations of achievement for the students. Throughout the conversation, President Martin reminded future graduates to begin exploring potential career opportunities. 

At the end of President Martin’s “Lobby Talk,” she invited students to ask questions. One individual asked President Martin to reveal her greatest achievement and the challenges of being President of Fairmont State University. In response to these questions, President Martin indicated that her greatest achievement has been the process of making Fairmont State University well-known in West Virginia and bringing the university up from its knees after suffering a $2.6 million deficit. Since her time in office, Fairmont State University has regained $1.5 million. As for her biggest challenge, the university must grow continuously and in an organized manner, a process that occurs today and is still a goal for tomorrow.

President Martin emphasizes Falcon family support by stating, “I hope the students will know that they have the entire university, an entire community and me, dedicated to ensure they are successful. They should know they are not alone in their academic journey, and I also hope they are inspired to pass the gift of their talents forward.”