A Stranger from Taured



Our modern world is globalized and connected more than ever. Thanks to progress in transportation by air, an individual can go anywhere on the planet in a matter of days. Of the thousands of people who go in and out of the bustling airports, some find themselves under strange circumstances. These strange circumstances make us pause and give a silent and unsettling thought to the things we can’t be sure are possible. Welcome back, fellow Taureds, this week’s Conspiracy Corner discusses the infamous “Man From Taured.”

In Tokyo, a man with European features in a seemingly expensive business suit was passing through security at Haenda Airport. The process had been a relatively simple matter. The security guards who watched countless people stroll through noticed nothing out of the ordinary. At least not until he was asked to identify his country of origin. His passport, which appeared both authentic as well as recently stamped, stated that he was from the country of Taured. This surprised the guards because no such country exists. 

Security questioned and detained the man, but he still insisted he was from Taured. He even pointed to its supposed location on a map, suggesting that it lies between Spain and France. On top of appearing honest, the guards found that his passport seemed to meet official criteria.  

Unsure of what to do, the customs officials locked his passport in the security office and kept the man detained at a hotel for the night. For the officials, the night was spent attempting to discover the man’s true identity. After many hours that night, not a single trace was found. Despite what his used passport and business he claimed to work for suggested, he did not appear in any flight reports. There was no record of this man existing, but there he was! 

After a pair of armed guards were stationed outside his room all night, that next morning brought more questions. The investigators returned to the room where the stranger was kept, and it was empty. However, the two guards never left that night and didn’t report seeing anyone pass through the door. In addition to the unresolved confusion, the documents had disappeared from within the security office. Just as suddenly as he arrived, he had also disappeared. Since then, the man from Taured has never been seen or heard from again. Like a dream upon waking, he vanished before one could truly grasp his presence.  

With a web of mysterious visitors come a thousand threads that run separately. Although separate, they spring from the same center. It is in this way that one can visualize what scientists refer to as the “Multiverse Theory.” Picking up popularity in recent years, the theory suggests that our universe is one of countless realities. In small or large ways, each reality is different in that they form in response to choices that divert the course of history. One universe forms with outcome A and the other with outcome B. For example, there is our reality in which the Allies won World War I, but in another the Central Powers triumphed.

What seems to be an interesting thought experiment becomes eerie possibility with stories of two threads, two realities, mingling and even crossing over. Tales of people lost in portals to other worlds, events in history mysteriously changing, or of people appearing from nowhere. Recent cases include the “Mandela Effect.” The “Mandela Effect” is a theory that people with false memories are perhaps from realities that are slightly different from our own. Other examples include the supposed trans-dimensional portal in the Markawasi Forest or the interdimensional beings known as “Rods.” Each are deserving of their own Conspiracy Corner article. 

With this in mind, can we speculate that the “Man from Taured was not of this world, but of one very similar? If it is true that the stranger was from another reality, I hope he made it home safe. For all we know, on an Earth much like the one we know to be true, a nation called Taured could be home to a similar young staff reporter. One that is describing the disappearance of a business man claiming to have traveled from a parallel reality. A reality that is home to the United States of America.