SGA’s Weekly Deeds

Alex Mullins, Staff Reporter

On September 17, 2019, SGA welcomed the new Rotary Club to Fairmont State University. The Rotary Club will award students of all ethnic groups on campus with scholarships to study abroad. Vice President Dillon Bradley made a motion to formally recognize the Rotary Club on campus. Treasurer Becky Luketic seconded that motion and with no objections the motion was passed.

The two organizations, Fairmont State University’s Student Veterans Organization and American Society of Mechanical Engineering Program, each asked SGA for four hundred dollars to help fund part of their initiatives. The Student Veterans Organization needed four hundred dollars for their trip to Los Angeles over winter break. The American Society of Mechanical Engineering Program also received four hundred dollars to aid students in becoming certified for the engineering field.

Before the assembly adjourned at 1:05 p.m., Vice President Dillon Bradley advocated for a motion to donate the money to the engineering program. Treasurer Luketic and Secretary Rachel Fitzwater seconded that motion.