LightSaber School Visits Fairmont State

Mari Rose, Writer

On April 2nd Jeff Norton, President of Outer Rim Praxeum, brought a few members to show Fairmont State what using a lightsaber is all about. They are currently recruiting apprentices. Their motto is “We train as one, we learn as one, we teach as one, we fight as one.”

According to Norton, they teach the seven lightsaber forms.  Their art combines swordsmanship and performance to create duels that are not choreographed in advance.  Norton says, “Join us for free classes and learn how to fight like a Jedi Master. Or if the dark side is more your thing, you can come duel as a Sith.”

The group is also raising money for WVU Children’s Hospital. Their goal is $500; they are 10% of the way to their goal.

For more information visit their Facebook page at See video of group activities on YouTube: Outer Rim Praxeum, and find them on Twitter: @outerrimpraxeum or their website,

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