Conspiracy Corner: Lizards Amongst Us

Harmon Lanager, Staff Writer

Welcome back, sheeple, to this Conspiracy Corner. This week, we will examine a conspiracy theory that dates back possibly thousands of years, from the ancient days of Babylon and maybe even beyond that. A conspiracy that connects the world’s highest-ranking politicians, bankers, and businessmen in one giant web of mystery. And the unraveling of this web begins with one single question posed to us by David Icke: Are the world governments and economies controlled by a secret cabal of half-human, half-lizard shapeshifters? 

The answer is… probably not. But it is fun to talk about, so this week, join us as we discuss the infamous ‘Reptilian Theory’. 

Started by David Icke in 1998, the ‘Reptilian Theory’ claims that a secret race of inter-dimensional lizard people has lived on the Earth for time immemorable. He claims that they are called Archons and have created hybrids who are part-human and part-lizard person. This process of hybridization, Icke claims, happened as early as 300,000 years ago and as recently as 7,000 years ago. 

Now, you might be asking yourself, where did these alien reptiles come from? Well, the answer is simple: the Draco constellation. And also caverns deep in the Earth. And another dimension. And the moon. 

According to advocates of this theory, Reptilian hybrids have control over high positions of economic, cultural, and political power. Essentially, using their shape-shifting abilities to appear human, Reptilians have assumed much of the world’s elite positions – from presidents to CEOs to movie stars. David Icke claims that this clandestine organization of lizard people is known as the ‘Babylonian Brotherhood’, made up of 26 different species of Reptilian. This Brotherhood, as David claims, traces back to the ancient times of Babylon and was apparently responsible for many of the most disastrous moments in history. Basically, The Babylonian Brotherhood is the Great Value version of the Illuminati. 

But why would they go to such ends? What would these Reptilians have to gain from controlling humanity? The answer varies from theory to theory. Icke himself has put forth two different motives; the first is that the Reptilians feed off of fear and, as such, use their influence to destabilize global politics and create fear. The second is that the Reptilians are after ‘atomic gold’, which Icke claims can be used to increase their life-span and intelligence. 

Reptilians are essentially the Old Bay of the conspiracy theorist community, as reptilians can and have been added to any number of different conspiracy theories. Everything from the sinking of Atlantis to the anti-vaxxers have been blamed on lizard-people. Who faked the moon landing? Lizard people. Who killed JFK? Lizard people. Who is behind chemtrails? Probably a lizard person with a plane. 

Even the Flat Earth has a tie to reptilians, with Flat-Earthers saying that they hide the ‘truth’ about the Flat Earth and live just past the edge. 

So, I leave the question to you, dear readers. Is this whole theory just lizard-based lunacy? Or is there some truth behind it? Is it possible that maybe, just maybe, there is something more behind the people who pull the strings of global politics? Something… cold-blooded?