Fairmont State academic reconstruction awaiting approval.

A proposal regarding academic reconstruction of Fairmont State University has been approved by the Board of Governors. This proposal will revise our current six unit model into a two unit model.

The goal of this reconstruction is to establish a more flexible and cost-effective model, thus rendering an opportunity for more resources used to provide an applicable higher education. Our current model consists of the College of Liberals Arts, the College of Science and Technology, the School of Business, the School of Education, Health and Human Performance, the School of Fine Arts and the School of Nursing.

If the proposal is approved by the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission and the Higher Learning Commission, the four schools among the two colleges will consolidate into the College of Professional Studies and the College for Arts and Sciences.

Given this approval, we can expect to see changes of the reconstruction during the fall semester of 2020. After over ten years of remaining stagnant and shifting to a more modern approach President Martin believes, “We’ll have a pipeline of talent to provide for them so our students don’t leave the state.” (John Mark Shaver at wvnews). Dr. Richard Harvey agrees with President Martin saying, “This new structure will allow us the resources and opportunities needed to serve our students in a continued tradition of excellence and innovation,” (MyBuckhannon)