Wax Hand Sculptures: Unique To Your Hand

Anna Cronin, Staff Reporter

If you enjoy making arts and crafts with friends, the Falcon Center Main Street has been the place to be! On February 19th, students were guided through the process of making unique wax hand sculptures.

What Was The Process Like?
The process of making the wax mold is comparative to that of moving down an assembly line. With each step to the left, the wax sculpture increasingly resembled a realistic model of the student’s hand. Unfortunately, what many students in the back of the line with restricted view may not have anticipated was the first step in which we were directed to soak our hand in soapy ice water. One student, Bobbi Uphold described the experience with the cold water as “you basically go fully numb from fingertip to wrist”.

After braving the mini ice bath and rinsing off the soap Uphold states, “you dip back and forth between burning hot wax and cold water”. Luckily, the making of the mold was quick and the discomfort didn’t last long. A man aiding the tail end of the process helped students free their hand from the wax and add one or more colors, dyeing the sculpture. Students were then able to decorate their sculptures with various crafts sprawled out around a table.

What Made This Event So Popular?
Students were intrigued by the flyers posted on the doors and walls of different campus buildings. Given that the cold weather has caused students to seek inside activities, many welcomed the new experience. Uphold was just one of many students who attended the event. She and her boyfriend “were going for a heart shape”, each modeling one half of the heart. As for Anthony Hardy, he and his girlfriend had a similar idea. In an interview he explained, “We decided on doing the “I love you” symbol, then afterwards we swapped so she’d have my hand and I’d have hers.”. Who would have guessed making wax hand sculptures could be such an exciting social event? I guess we never really know until we try it.

Anna Cronin
Anna Cronin