The Student Government Association and How to Get Involved 

Abby Peterman, Staff Reporter

The Student Government Association ,also referred to as the SGA, is one of many student organizations on campus. The SGA acts as the student voice on campus and is actively involved in events and projects such as the Falcon Park and Trail Senior Campaign. For this campaign, the SGA is partnering with the Outdoor Recreation Program with the help of Jan Kiger, the Fairmont State Foundation, and Phil Freeman with the Community Design Assistance Center Architecture Program. Students and faculty are working toward making a trail and a trailhead behind the tennis courts. You can visit their website for more information.  

The current executive members elected in April of 2021 are President Zachary Taylor, Vice President Isaac Leech, Treasurer Clay Burrows, Secretary Mackenzie Sorton, Parliamentarian Sharon Carpenter, and Board of Governors Representative Maiya Bennett. Mackenzie Sorton said, “With an almost entirely new body this year, the Student Government Association is trying to advocate for students, embrace the ‘Falcon Family’ atmosphere, and make a positive impact on the community. We invite every student who has a concern to attend one of our meetings or stop by our office throughout the day; we are dedicated to helping students and being a student voice to the administration of the university.” The SGA meets on Thursdays in Hardway Hall 128 at 12:30 PM, and their office hours are listed here 

If you are looking to get more involved in the community and on campus, there are still three more positions that need to be filled. The SGA needs students in three positions: another member in the House of Representatives, a Freshman Senator, and a Sophomore Senator. A student from any class can run for the House of Representatives but only registered Freshmen and Sophomores can run for the senator positions. Students appointed to these positions will hold an office hour every week in the SGA’s office on the 2nd floor of the Falcon Center. They will also serve on at least one committee and volunteer for a minimum of 20 hours before the end of the semester.  

If you have questions and would like to contact the SGA, you can call them at (304) 367-4282 or email them at [email protected] You can also contact Zachary Taylor at [email protected] or Mackenzie Sorton at [email protected]