Why College Students Should Receive a Stimulus Check 

Nate Sudberry, Staff Reporter

The Covid-19 Pandemic has left families scratching for their last amount of money and as ever, there are already many families doing so. There are families who were struck with this and still had to find a way to pay their kid’s college tuition, but they got laid off from their job because of the pandemic. Unemployment increased drastically during the pandemic, as businesses couldn’t afford to keep everybody on the payroll. This hasn’t changed for families since the pandemic has started.  

There has been three stimulus checks that have gone out in the U.S. Many college students didn’t qualify for any of the stimulus checks as many have simply just been claimed by their parents. Adults with families weren’t the only ones affected by the pandemic. College students have had to leave apartments that need rent paid for, they also have to stay at their own house to take online classes. Rent has gone up and not just jobs have been lost for college students, internships have also been canceled. Not every college student gets their tuition paid for and many have an enormous amount of student loans. Even college students who relied on the university for opportunities to help lost a lot of their help, with work-study hours being cut down drastically. 

 Not every college student is going to just blow away the stimulus check on something that isn’t needed. A stimulus check would help a lot of college students out and provide some relief. As finishing school should be a student’s main priority, not trying to figure out how they’re going to get their next meal or make rent.