Face Masks, What Do the People Think?

Shaylena Hess, Staff Reporter

I spoke to twelve people, ten members of the Fairmont State student body and two members of the Fairmont State faculty. They were asked how they feel about masks and the majority were okay with them under the circumstances and understood that they keep people safe.

“I would not be able to interact at all on campus if we did not all wear masks. The risks are way too much to ever think differently about that.” -Professor, Joel Dugan

I did find that most of the people I talked to had owned only a single digit number of masks. There were people that owned twenty or more masks, but only a few. The CDC recommends that you throw away disposable masks after use and that you wash washable ones after use. Personally, I own at least twenty masks myself, but there are ones I wear more than others.

“I probably have twenty-five or more masks. I like to wear the masks my mom makes because I know they have multiple layers, including a good filter, which means better protection. I do not double mask because the masks I wear are sufficient.” -Student, Aranais Boyer

When asked what types of people wear most people said cloth, though no one was specific of what shape or materials they preferred. Many people believe that wearing a mask is pointless or just get so annoyed with wearing it above their noses and don’t wear their masks properly. I ask the people I interviewed what they would say to those who refuse to wear a mask or do not wear it properly.

“To the people who refuse to wear masks I’d like to ask them why they don’t wear a mask? There’s clear scientific evidence that wearing a mask prevents the spread of germs. By not wearing a mask, they are not only putting themselves at risk, but they are also putting everyone around them at risk. Imagine if doctors didn’t wear masks during a procedure. I bet some of the people who don’t wear masks would be pretty upset with their doctor if during the procedure.” -Student, Lars Lehmann

Whether you approve or disapprove of wearing masks or what kinds you prefer over others, it is mandated that you wear them to keep yourself and others safe. You may not be immunocompromised or know someone who is; the person in front of you in line at the store or the person next to you in class may be.