Fairmont State University Scholarship Opportunities 

Ava Behr, Staff Reporter

Fairmont State University offers many scholarship opportunities for incoming freshmen and Fairmont State students of all grade levels. Students are encouraged to do their best during their application process, due to the competitive nature that comes with each scholarship as well as its’ applicants. The different Fairmont State scholarships vary based on what criteria must be met, such as grade level(s), grade point average, residential information, and other specific factors. Some scholarships are solely merit-based, solely needs-based, or a mixture of the two. Additional information about scholarship offerings can be found on the website by using this link.

The general Fairmont State scholarship is due on March 15, 2021, which can be found here.

Encova Insurance has decided to partner with Fairmont State University again this year, to create yet another scholarship opportunity for Fairmont State students. Requirements for the scholarship are as follows:  

  • Parents are from West Virginia and have either permanent total disability. 
  • Parents are deceased as a result of a work-related injury. 
  • Students who are children or grandchildren of employees of Encova. 
  • Students in the Mathematics and Nursing departments 

Encova is graciously giving Fairmont State students a chance to earn a scholarship with a few easy steps on the application. Students who have received the scholarship in the past, are encouraged to reapply, along with new applicants. The Encova scholarship is due March 15, 2021, and the link to the scholarship application can be found here.

Fairmont State students, who meet the requirements, are encouraged to apply for both the general Fairmont State scholarship and the Encova scholarship.