Health Services at Fairmont State 

Emma Delk, Staff Reporter

At a time where sickness is at the forefront of many peoples’ concerns due to COVID-19, it is important to remember that there is a place at Fairmont State with the services to help students take care of their health. This help is available at Student Health Services on the 3rd Floor of the Falcon Center.

Student Health Services at Fairmont State offers a wide variety of help to students. Apart from being able to schedule appointments to see a medical provider, there are women’s health exams offered, different birth controls available, evaluation and referral for counseling services, allergy injections, and referrals for X-rays. The workers at Health Services want students to know about and to take advantage of all the services offered.  

Chelsea Collins, the Director of Student Health at Fairmont State University, says “Students struggle with beginning to take care of their own health. My focus is getting us out there to help them with any of their health needs or problems.” 

Students may hesitate to schedule an appointment due to the feeling of shyness or awkwardness that many health problems cause. No one wants to get tested for HIV or an STI, but doing so can be vital for one’s own health and other students’ health, as well. The Health Services at Fairmont State want students to take advantage of the free testing available so the students are able to protect themselves and others. Chelsea Collins explains that the staff at the Health Center know how to deal with any shyness or awkwardness students experience when asking embarrassing or personal questions about their own health.  

She has her own experiences in alleviating patients’ worries, saying, “I have been in private practice in gynecology for almost five years so I have a lot of experience in uncomfortable situations and questions. One way I handle those situations is by gaining trust and forming a relationship with my patients. I’m also very open and easy when it comes to understanding patients and their needs.”  

It is important that students take charge of their health now, particularly with a focus on preventative health. Collins recommends a yearly physical for students, as well as a gynecology exam for female students. She encourages students to utilize resources available through their insurance for preventative and screening measures. Taking care of one’s health beyond appointments and screenings is important for students. This means being consistent with diet and exercise, along with striving to maintain good health. While this may be difficult to do as a student, it is important to take the steps for a healthy future now. 

The future for Health Services at Fairmont State is promising, as they have begun taking steps to end the current health crisis of COVID-19. Staff at the Student Health Center have already vaccinated 375 faculty members, along with students who are in health sciences, and nursing students.  

Collins says, “The entire motto of the Student Health Care Center is not being judgmental.” This is a motto that staff keeps in mind when helping every student that walks through the door. There no longer has to be any nervousness or anxiety when it comes to taking care of one’s health for students at Fairmont State. 

 If one wants to make an appointment to see a medical provider at Health Services, they can call 304-367-4155 or come in-person during the office hours available at Student Health Services on the 3rd Floor of the Falcon Center to schedule an appointment. 

Office Hours can be found here.