Reviving the Health and Human Performance Club

Emma Delk, Staff Reporter

A club that was once active 15 years ago, The Health and Human Performance Club, is being revived at Fairmont State. The main driving force behind its revival is Richard West, the Assistant Professor of Physical Education. About the club and its goals, he said, “The purpose of the club is to provide a professional, social, and academic network for students at Fairmont State University with an interest in the fields associated with Health and Human Performance.”   

Professor West wants the students in the club to be able to participate in as many activities in the field of Health and Human Performance as possible. Members may get to visit other campuses labs to get an idea of how different schools health programs are run. They can hear from speakers in the field, including Fairmont State alumni that are now employed as athletic trainers, coaches, or physical education teachers. There are opportunities to get experience in fundraising for items like lab equipment. The club provides a social network for those in the Health and Human Performance major, or anyone else within the club that is not part of the major. 

The club is open to anyone, not just those in the majors associated with the School of Education and Health and Human PerformanceThe club has not decided on the exact terms of membership within its bylaws, such as GPA requirements, but one thing for sure is that all are welcome. At the moment, the club is a standalone organization at Fairmont State, but there are plans to add an honorary called Phi Sigma Epsilon that would recognize those in the Health and Human Performance Dept.   

To become a club at Fairmont State, the Health and Human Performance Club needs four offices filled: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The President is the head of the organization and ultimately responsible for the club’s decided goals. The Vice President is in charge of any committees created by the club, such as fundraising. The treasurer will manage the club funds, along with writing reports about the funds. The secretary’s main job is to record all of the minutes of the club meeting. To nominate oneself for an officer position, one must fill-out an officer nomination form, which includes information such as your year, major, a personal anecdote, and why you should hold the position in the club.  To obtain the form and submit this information, one can contact Richard West’s email, [email protected]by Monday, October 12th at 5:00 P.M., the day before the next club meeting on Tuesday, October 13th at 12:30, to be in the running for a position. 

Right now, the main goal of The Health and Human Performance Club is to simply become a club. Apart from electing officers, this includes creating a constitution for the club that stipulates important club information such as how many terms officers serve and dues one must pay.  Now is the perfect time to join this club so one can be a part of the crucial steps that will make The Health and Human Performance Club thrive at Fairmont State.