FSU has campus book drive for HOPE Inc.

Maris Meyer, Staff Reporter

A Fairmont State University senior, Bailey McInturff, has organized a campus book drive for HOPE Inc. The book drive will last through Friday, March 6th.

HOPE Inc. is an organization based out of West Virginia whose goal is to assist survivors of domestic violence and abuse. They work with the survivors by offering resources such as shelter and counselling. During this time, they provide comfort for those with anxiety, sadness and/or feelings of uncertainty.

“I thought providing survivors with books might be a way of giving them some comfort, or even just some entertainment” said Bailey McInturff.

Book donations can be dropped off at the Tutoring Center, the Honor’s Office and the Faculty Office area in Jaynes Hall. The donation boxes will be checked and picked up every week. As for what kind of books, almost any are acceptable.

McInturff said “I think any fiction, nonfiction, children’s books, anything would be appropriate … novels, essay collections, poetry, crime fiction, romance, biographies, memoirs, anything you think someone might be interested in reading.”

Lastly, both the students and staff can get involved by donating any gently used and/or new books. McInturff stated, “This book drive gives students a sort of low maintenance, low responsibility way to help someone.”