SGA Initiatives Take Shape While New Advisor takes Watch

SGA Initiatives Take Shape While New Advisor takes Watch

Alex Mullins, Staff Reporter

As the meeting began at 12:32 p.m. Thursday, September 12, SGA Advisor Dr. Harrison made the announcement that he was stepping down as SGA Advisor and that Joel Dugan would replace him from now on. Dr. Harrison informed the assembly shortly after it convened. He said that he was proud of all the members and that his office was still open to all who may require his advice. During an interview, President Keller emphasized that “Dr. Harrison stepped down because his schedule was conflicting with SGA too often.”

While this news was surprising, the meeting went on as scheduled, with President Tyler Keller asking the ranking members to read the minutes from the last assembly. President Keller stated that the committees assigned at the last meeting will start convening next week, and Maroon Madness T-shirts will be on sale every Tuesday and Thursday in the Falcon Center.

Toward the end of the meeting, Vice President Dillon Bradley made a motion for SGA to donate two-hundred dollars to AST’s, Alpha Sigma Tau, breast cancer campaign; the motion passed with an overwhelming 16-0 roll call vote. With a few minor technical difficulties involving the freshmen election packet, Vice President Bradley made a motion to suspend the school constitutional rule governing elections to allow another week so the election packets can have more time to reach the freshmen population.

The assembly ended at approximately 12:53 p.m.