FSU’s Annual Honors Program Trip to Washington DC

Kayleigh Casto, Staff Reporter

Members of the Honors Program attended the annual Washington DC trip on Saturday, September 7th.  The students toured the National Gallery of Art and the newly opened National Museum of African American History and Culture. After the gallery and museum tours, students had extra time to freely explore all the National Mall offers. 

The annual Honors Program trip has been in effect for nineteen years under the direction of Dr. Robert Baker. Although the annual trip is not always to Washington DC, that is the preferred destination because it contains various museums and sites within the National Mall for students to explore without traveling too far from campus. 

As the newest museum on the National Mall, the NMAAHC was a must see for students. Exhibitions included African American involvement in military conflict from the Revolutionary War to the War on Terrorism, hip-hop photography and important people of note and the history of slavery.

During free time for exploration of the city, a group of students visited the grounds of the United States Capitol. “As I walked through DC, I felt such pride for America,” remarked sophomore Abigail Boggs. “The beauty of the city reflected the beauty of the free country that I get to live in, the country that I often take for granted.” 

In addition to visiting the National Mall and exploring the city, students visited the Library of Congress. The Library of Congress is the nation’s research library housing the collection of Thomas Jefferson’s books.

Dr. Robert Baker
Honors Program students pose for group photo on the steps of National Gallery of Art.
Kayleigh Casto
National Museum of African American History and Culture
Kayleigh Casto
United States Capitol
Kayleigh Casto
Library of Congress